You Are Here / The Context Issue
Magazine, 2016

You Are Here, is a community led, photographically focused publication created by four individuals with a keen interest in the medium of photography, each focusing on their own interests in within this visual medium which relates to their individual photographic practices. The aims at the very outset were to give the editors a visual platform to be completely open about ideas, questions and investigations concerning the potential of the photograph, it’s place within society and how the community engages with the medium. 

The magazine is influenced by the community, and is produced for the community, appealing to both those with an understanding of how art currently exists in the World but also being mindful of the fact of not excluding a wider audience. Thus, the editors engaged the ‘general public’ through a collaborative process of creating works and asking their opinions on questions we need to ask concerning the state of the art world in the 21st Century. The contributors wanted to offer an alternative approach to thinking about photography to people who are perhaps interested on a very informal basis and might want to be more photographically literate.