Rory Sheridan is a London based socially engaged practitioner and activist, whose work engages with the relationship between artistic practice and representing neurodiverse communities.

Rory is passionate about social justice, equality and uses the visual arts as a platform to stimulate dialogue and exchange. His work is focused on process, conversation and challenging audiences to reconsider the way that neurodiverse individuals and groups are represented.

Rory’s audio visual installation The Open Mouth That Offers Up Nothing was the first installation to try to represent people who stammer both psychologically and physically. This work was published by the Evening Standard and widely well received by the stammering community and other artistic communities. The Open Mouth That Offers Up Nothing led Rory to win the Photofusion award.

Rory has worked in multiple fields of art and design as well as supporting widening participation programmes, including specific projects such as Album: Where We Belong with UAL Insights.

Rory has collaborated and worked with organisations such as Tate, Photofusion, Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice, University of Greenwich and others.

Rory is currently the Intern at Aimhigher London, soon to be assisting the London National Collaborative Outreach Programme.

Rory is founding Hiatus Collective, a cross-arts collective whose aim is to encourage and support those whose voices are rarely heard.




Manchester Celebrates STAMWALK - University of Manchester, 2017

Group Exhibitions

Intro/Outro - Nursery Gallery, London College of Communication, 2015
Judged Response - Lower Gallery, London College of Communication, 2017
Hiatus - Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Arts, 2017
ADEPT-GAZE, Launch Exhibition - The Peckham Pelican, 2017
LCC Degree Shows: Show One - London College of Communication, 2018


Two Pounds and a Dream, Offprint London, Tate Modern, 2017
Two Pounds and a Dream, London College of Communication Library Zine Collection

Published Photographic Work (online)

Play Nice Collective
Stammering Awareness Day, 2016
Defence Stammering Network launch, gov.uk Ministry of Defence, 2015


Harry Thomas Music