We Judge Because We Don't Understand

Several participants who identify themselves as people who stammer chose to take part in an anonymous submission which places explicit focus on text as a means of communication within visual art. The contributors chose to take part in this piece by submitting a piece of text to the artist, who has presented their submissions unedited.
They were asked to write a piece to describe a moment or moments where they have encountered emotional or challenging experiences with their stammer in a specific situation, perhaps experiencing discrimination or inequality as a result. Using a standard format of presentation; displayed on A4, using Times New Roman set at 12 point, foregrounds the importance of the language instead of graphic appearance, design and layout.
The means of communication, through email, between the artist and people who stammer allows for anyone to take part, arriving in the inbox as nothing but thought. This work presents a crucial insight into written language and the mode of presentation imposed by the artist focuses on the importance of language to communicate, allowing the viewer to scrutinise, read and reflect on the use of language by the person who stammers.
The use of text over any other means of visual communication has been consciously chosen to reflect a very expressive means for people who stammer, many default to this mode of communication as blocking is non-existent and a sense of flow is available. 

Story Text