Single channel video performance. Running time: 01:54 minutes
Typewriter, list of top 100 hashtags used on Instagram on A4 copy paper, 2016

#excessive is a fine art performance piece consisting of a fine art photographer repeatedly writing on a typewriter one hundred of the most frequently used hashtags, taken from http://top-hashtags.com/instagram/ at 8:46am on 25 May 2016. 

This work aims to address issues surrounding the relationship that users of social media have with hashtags, and more broadly, how the writing acts that we perform on social media have almost become an unconscious act, fuelled by a desire to gain positive reactions towards our social media content in the form of likes, comments, follows, any form of interaction and appreciation of what an individual is uploading. 

The typewriter is an unforgiving writing device which doesn’t easily allow for mistakes which contrasts with the very forgiving nature of the mobile phone and how it is a very simple act to rectify a mistake.

Featuring in You Are Here magazine.